Fancy a brew? ☕️☕️☕️

As a non tea or coffee drinker (I hear you gasp!) I do not possess a teapot, but do people still use them? Well this months Little box of crochet was a tea cozy, I winced at the thought of a tea cozy, I have always had this perception of them being old fashioned, anyhow as you know when I got my last box I was absolutely made up with it, everything was so cute!  I looked at the pattern and thought yes I’ll give it a go.  Well I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it, I’m considering making more!!  

I finished it today and raced out to the shop to buy a tea pot, just so I could show you how beautifully this months box is, have a nosey at this!!

I know you like it!!! Who wouldn’t right?!

Now my tension was on the large side and the box came with enough yarn to make a 4 cup teapot, so I will admit I ran out of yarn and I had to order some more, but it’s beautiful stuff

Scheepjes stone washed 💕 absolutely beautiful to work with and so warm!  And luckily the teapot I but was a 6 cupper which fitted my new cozy beautifully!

Not much else to tell you really, for now anyway.
Happy hooking xx

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