It’s CAL carousel day 

So it’s 08:16, I’ve postponed my 12:00 London meeting to 15:00 so I can be home for 09:30 for the launch of sue pinners carousel CAL, so I thought I’d kill some time and fill it with a quick blog.

I’m a bit excited, I’ve got my yarn

And I’ve sorted my stash!

And I am ready to go!

I’ve got two CAL’s on the go, got the lily ponds too, I started block 2 last night and loved it! Check out this beauty

I learnt a lot from my last CAL, three things I learnt:

  1. My tension is pretty good
  2. Always measure as I go instead of winging it (just incase)
  3. Weave in ends as I go, it’s a pain in the rear

Oh If it’s not right FROG IT! It’ll be better in the long run

On Sunday I took my mum and my daughter on the emmerdale tour, if you’re not in UK you’ve may not if heard of emmerdale, but it’s soap set in the countryside and it’s been running for around 40 years, there’s a family known as ‘the dingles’ that live in a farm, and they’re always being filmed in their lounge, and very often I notice the crocheted blankets in the bank ground, so I managed to get a few pictures of them, apparently they’re donated by the general public, could this be a way to get rid of my Emma blanket?!  I have also read that Lisa Dingle is also a bit of a hooker and often makes them herself though 

It’d be amazing to see one of mine on tv!! Ha!
I also got a lovely mention on Instagram from one of the girls that joined crochet brocade group on Saturday, she’s been crocheting longer than me, but struggles to work more than 15 minutes before she starts getting pain in her hands, she’d been working on a tea cozy for over a year and only completed about 4 rows, she came to group on Saturday, and admitted she wasn’t finding crochet relaxing, I noticed straight away she wasn’t holding her yarn right, and her fingers were ridged, she needed to relax and not ‘hold’ the yarn but let it rest between her fingers and then flex her tension finger when needed, it’s hard to unlearn something you’ve been doing for a such a long time, anyway she left group doing exactly the same as when she walked in, I know she watches a lot of bella coco tutorials and weather I helped her or the online tutorials helped her I don’t know, but between Saturday and Sunday she’d actually completed her tea cozy and it looks lovely!!! So well done to her! 

Anyway another 42 mins to go until the launch……….

Happy hooking xx

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