No more sewing! Please 🙏🏼

Well Saturday’s first ‘crochet brocade’ went well, hobbycraft were very accommodating, and whilst we were there we had quite a few pass through and ask if they could join in next week.  We had one lady who had never picked up a hook and by the end of group she’d managed to slip knot, chain 30 and 2 rows of DC! I was so pleased for her, she loved it, and she’s been practicing this week.  Once we have the group in full swing with regular members we are going to look at putting together a granny square blanket and auctioning it off to go to vickys fund, vickys fund provides support for families impacted by murder and manslaughter, which is quite close to a few of our hearts at group, so hopefully we’ll enjoy doing it, and make some money for the charity:

Didn’t she do well!!  

This week I really wanted to start my Lilly pond blanket, but I won’t start it until I’ve finished Emma, I hate having too much WIP.  What I didn’t realise was how much of a pain Emma was going to be when joining, oh my, it’s a nightmare! I think that’s the problem with a mystery cal, you don’t get the final pattern until the last week, so you can’t JAYGO because you don’t know where anything goes!!!  So in still at it….the good news is with Lilly pond I can JAYGO and sue pinner has confirmed that carousel is JAYGO to hooooorrrreayyyyyyy!!!!

It’s definitely taught me I need a few lessons in professional finishing, FACT!!!  

This week some one posted this on Facebook and I thought it was so very true

I think that someone who has never crocheted before cannot understand the effort, time and thought that it takes to make something, that beach bag I made for my friend took me in total 18 hours, so if you don’t crochet and someone is kind enough to give you something crocheted please think about how it was made and the time taken to make it!

Happy hooking xx

2 thoughts on “No more sewing! Please 🙏🏼

  1. Bethany-Jade says:

    Oooooh that blanket is looking good. I have the same problem with my glaobal square exchange blanket. Because the squares are coming from swaps all over the world I dont want to join them all because I need to see them all together to decide on a layout! But you will get there! Cant wait to see the blanket finished!

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