It’s been a while…….

It’s been rather a while since my last post, between running around Disney land and universal studios in 40 degree heat I barlely had much time for crochet, even though I was having so much fun, I really did miss it.

Anyway whilst in Florida I did get my dad to drive me to hobby lobby, really just to see what all the fuss was about!  

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but there wasn’t as much yarn as I expected.  Other than that it was huge! Almost like a combination of hobbycraft, the range and dunelm it was good but I beleive we have more here to be honest.  

Anyway after returning and missing a few weeks of the Deramores Emma blanket mystery CAL, I was quite far behind.  And I’m itching to get on with my cherry blossom Lilly pond blanket, so I’ve been busy catching up.  

I’ve really enjoyed the CAL, but there have been a few blocks that have been a real drag, but I’ve finished them thank god!!! This one has been my absolute favourite

I’ve really enjoyed it, and now we’ve had the final instruction we can see how it’s all going to work, but I’ll post more about that when I’ve finished.

These were a killer, all 16 blocks, all in a DC zzzzzzzzz

Then after those x20 of these, x10 with an aubergine centre and x10 in jade again zzzzzz

But I’ve done them, just 4 X small corners then X 4 long borders and it’s done!

I also posted a little while ago that I’m keen to start a crochet group, there’s none here in Warrington, rather timely I was in hobbycraft yesterday and they have a craft table for about 8-10 people upstairs in the yarn area, and they were advertising free use of the desk for groups, so I had a chat with the manager, he’s said we can have it, if we can drum up a handful of peeps.  That’s easier said than done, I don’t know anyone else in Warrington that is interested in crochet, so I’ve been posting on Twitter and Instagram, nothing……But it’s early days!  

Anyway I’m refreshed after an amazing holiday to celebrate my amazing parents 40th wedding anniversary

So ready to finish my Emma blanket, get started on my Lilly pond and get ‘The Hook Nook’ up and running!!!

Happy hooking X 

8 thoughts on “It’s been a while…….

  1. Yolanda Chavez says:

    I’m going to Universal Studios Hollywood and I can’t wait. Been trying to get there all summer and we’re finally going. Have been looking forward to Harry Potter world. Hope you can get that group together. I love getting together with my crochet group. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • theweehouseofcrochet says:

      Oh my! Universal is absolutely phenomenal!!!! It cost us Β£2000 for 4 X 14 day passes between universal and the 6 Disney parks, well you can keep the Disney parks universal was soooooo good I’d of paid the Β£2000 to go for just one day, Harry Potter was AMAZING!!! Spider-Man ride was ace, King Kong, transformers, Harry Potter, the gringotts ride was out of this world!!! Such an experience! Enjoy yolanda!!! X

      Liked by 1 person

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