Hotel crochet

Hi guys, I’ve been spending a few nights in hotels this last week, the good thing with that is I get our uninterrupted crochet time!  

I’ve managed to finish my Little box of crochet for this month, I’m so please with it, and there is so much yarn left over!!

The yearn is so cute, and there’s so much left, I could of made at least three more, but it’s my daughters 13th birthday next Friday, a day later we fly out to Florida, so she’s having a few friends over from school, I’ve decided to hire an inflatable nightclub for the garden, and we’re going to put the tent up, and turn it into a mini festival called glastonabby!

I’ve said I will make some flowery hippy style headbands, using the left over yarn, I’ve made a start

And some bunting, then hang fairy lights inside the tent, hopefully they’ll have a fab time and she won’t be running around inside the house ha ha!!

Emma mystery blanket block 6 is due out this morning, so I’m looking forward to seeing what that will look like.

I also have a very good work friend who flies out to Dubai in September, her birthday is end of august, so I between my Emma blanket and my lillypond blanket, I’ve started making her a beach bag out of James c Brett noodle yarn, only just started it, but hopefully she’ll like it it!

Anyway, off to work 😞
Happy hooking!  X

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