Work, crochet, work, work

I’ve been a little quiet lately on here, busy with work and not so much crochet, the only saving grace is that I’ve had a few nights away with work in hotels, which means I get pure uninterrupted crochet time.

I find nothing nicer than relaxing on a bed and crocheting, whilst watching big brother ha!

Anyway this week is week 5 of the Emma blanket, and the block is lovely, I’m in the Facebook page for it, and I’ve got to admit I’ve found some people on there rather negative, ive only posted one picture of my block on there, I had a few nice comments, but then a few from people telling me how to improve my block, to be honest I shared it because I was pleased with it, if I wanted feedback I would of asked, there also seems to be a lot of people moaning on there about one or two errors, bone of which I have noticed to be fair!

Anyway week 5 

I’m really looking forward to seeing how they will all join together, so far I’m really enjoying the whole CAL, so much so I’ve ordered another!

I’ve ordered stylecraft lily pond blanket in cherry blossom, and I cannot wait for it to come, the pattern is fairly hefty so i may have to start it after my holiday, but here it is and isn’t it gorgeous?!

My daughter is so excited as it will go in her bedroom, my Emma blanket will be out by until I get my new sofa, which is a black corner suite but I think the Emma blankets colours of dark and light greys, purple, lilac and jade will go nicely with it.

Best of all…..its Little box of crochet day!!!!

I had to go and pick my parcel up from the post office, and could not wait to open it

Oh my!!!! It was full of treats!! Not just one item to make, there’s two! And look at what is inside

Just stunning, even little stickers to put on all of my empty boxes to label them and use them for bits, these beautiful Sheepjes balls are just stunning have a look at this 

Just way too cute for words! 

Anyway, after a mega busy week with work I’m off to get my crochet on!

Happy hooking X 

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