All crocheted out!

I’ve been so busy! In my last post I posted about my Deramores Emma blanket mystery cal, my yarn arrived and I was 3 weeks behind.

I have actually caught up already!! Block  4 was issued today, I’m desperate to find out what it will look like when it all comes together, but I suppose that’s what the mystery is! 

Block 1

The colours are just lovely, although patterns aren’t written amazingly, anyway I had to crochet 8 of these in total and thoroughly enjoyed the colour changes, although the stitch stayed the same.

Block 2

How gorgeous is this?! I’ve never crocheted a block from the corner out before, always started from the middle, at first when I started I couldn’t figure out how it was going to come together but after 4 blocks I crocheted the other 12 (16 in total) without using the pattern, go me!!

Block 3

A pretty one, again all using the same stitch, from the middle out, 16 of these 8 in emails green and 8 in most, I just finished these this morning when block 4 came out.

Block 4

Now this one is a right fiddly bugger!  Middle out again but with a mixture of DC, HDC and trebles, it’s fiddly and the pattern is written very well but they look nice, however this week we’ve only got 4 to make!

Anyway I gave up on Mr. H making my blocking board and bought this beauty!!

How stunning is this! I’ve just blocked block  1 and block 3 but block 2 will have to wait far too much to weave in at the mo!

Happy hooking! X

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