Lucky, lucky me

I just had to share with you, I’ve scrapped my line up of work from my a previous blog, some of the yarns are so expensive and use so much, I had some left over Colton DK from the sirdar tops I’ve made, so I decided to give this a go, I’m really enjoying it!

It’s obviously not going to take as long as the sirdar tops, which is good, but I’m really enjoying the pattern, the changes in the pattern keep you on your toes and it’s nice to watch it inflowing as I crochet, well worth a go!  I’ve order some gorgeous buttons for it too

How cute is this! I can just see my 12 year old wearing the bolero cycling along on her Retro bike which coincidently matches the button ha!

Anyway why am I lucky? My husband is a bit naughty, I have to stop him buying me gifts, I work very hard managing his business, so he does treat me every now and again, most women would in their element but I’m not all that materialistic, I’d rather have some really nice yarn.  Anyway today he tagged himself in at Blacksheep wools I immediately rang him and asked him to get me a few balls of James c Brett noodle chunky (which is ace by the way) he said yes of course, anyway when he got home he gave me a bag full of yarn, happy days! However at the bottom of the bag was this……..

What is it!?! Ready?

Look at these beauties!!!!!! Birch wood with a Swarovski crystal at the end! I’m so pleased with them!! 

Anyway enough making you jealous, after he came back with hooks and yarn I couldn’t wait to try my new noodle yarn on this

I’m making a turquoise for my daughter and white for me, only just started but enjoying so far

The noodle yarn is amazing, they’re like stretchy tubes! 

Anyway off to play with my new hooks 
Happy hooking x

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