Crochet Sunday ☺️

This morning I’ve raced to get my weekly ironing finished, raced around the house cleaning and sorting the kids out for the week, so I can have some time this afternoon/evening to get some WIP complete, I’m still waiting on Mr.H to start and finish my blocking board! 

So my sirdar summer sweater is still sitting there, I’ve just got the last quarter of the back of mums sirdar to too to finish then I can block them. 

I’ve bought some gorgeous buttons too, I thought I’d add just one at the bottom right/left side of mums top when it’s done, what do you think?

I have to admit I am getting slightly bored of making these tops and I can’t wait until they’re finished, I’m thinking I need to create shorter projects, more varied, more colour!

I saw this beautiful blanket made from granny squares, absolutely stunning, it looks so good it’s almost edible!

It would look amazing in my daughters bedroom. I suppose with them being granny squares they’re individual projects, full of colour, which I might have a little more patience for.

Also I found these patterns on Sheepjes Last Dance on the beach in memory of a lady that sadly passed away, there’s a pattern for a granny square for each week, I thought it was a lovely idea so I thought I’d share it with you.

Tomorrow evening I’m going to drive over to Garstang/Preston way Northern Yarn run a knitting/crochet group there in a Monday evening, so I thought I’d go a check it out, I’d love to start a local stitch and bitch group in Warrington, social media groups are great but it would be nice to see and meet people in person!

Right off to get my crochet on!

Happy Hooking x

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