Crochet on the train……would you?

On the 07:20 train into London for meetings, it is a 1:56 hour journey.  My thought this morning was to take my crochet instead of sleeping through the journey, but I swiftly dismissed the idea…..why?!  I travel into London by train a lot, and not once have I seen anyone crocheting or knitting.  

My kids laugh sometimes when I crochet, until I make them something really cool, my husband offend calls me granny, and whilst my parents think it’s clever and they appreciate my makes, I think that they think it’s a bit of an old fashioned thing to do.

There does seem to be a stigma about it or is it just me?  I’m absolutely astounded by the amount of people of a similar age to me that post about crochet on social media, because I did think that it was for the older generation, until I started crocheting! So if I thought that it was for an older generation do other people think that too? Or again is it just me? Why don’t we see more people crocheting in public? Why aren’t there people crocheting on public transport to pass the time?  Would you?

I shouldn’t give a monkeys what people think, I do it for me, and perhaps if more people crocheted in public then it would change the perception of other people, or is it just my perception πŸ˜‚ all I know is this morning I should of been staring at something similar to this

Instead I’m looking at this and blogging

I know which I prefer!!!

Until later happy hooking X 

14 thoughts on “Crochet on the train……would you?

  1. saraphir says:

    I crochet anywhere…. On trains or busses or planes, in parks or on the beach, at concerts…. People normally think I’m knitting, so I like to think I’m doing a bit of education of the unawares !

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  2. Bethany-Jade says:

    I am just 23 and I regularly crochet on the train, on my lunch break at work, in the Dr’s waiting room, even at work when i have no customers etc. I hate feeling like I am wasting time as it is one of the triggers to my anxiety, so having a little project with me helps me snatch little moments in the day. It’s surprising how much you can get done when you add up all those little periods of inactivity!

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    • theweehouseofcrochet says:

      Honestly I’m glad I posted about this in my blog, I’ve never seen anyone out in public crocheting, that’s why I like going to my local wool shops cafe everyone sits and either knits, crochets and has a brew it’s great, but I’m definitely going to start, I’m already planning what I’m going to take to make on holiday 😊

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  3. pelagia5 says:

    I am capable of knitting or crocheting while standing in the metro (assuming it isn’t too crowded :), having a glass of wine in a jazz bar, or at the beach of a very pretentious hotel. So I’d say, any place is good for crocheting! πŸ™‚

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