How much?!

When I first started crocheting I wasn’t fully aware of all of the different types of yarn available.  Then one day out on meetings at work one of my clients mentioned she was addicted to knitting, I mentioned I’d been crocheting for a few months, she was then rather excited to show me some wool she’d ordered from Black sheep wools  and had delivered to her office in London, now I have to admit I had never felt a wool like it, it was beautiful!  Then I realised Black sheep wools was literally 4 miles from me in Warrington! 

I had to go and have a nosey, since then I’ve been broke!!! I cannot stop spending on yarn! I love that shop, it’s just an absolute haven!  

But there has to be a limit doesn’t there?  So as you know I’ve ordered the pattern from DMC below

So whilst waiting for it to be delivered I’ve been looking at the cost of DMC Natura, £3.49 a 50g ball, not too bad I hear you say, I opened the pattern and oh my! 20 balls needed!!!! 20 BALLS!! 20 50g BALLS!!! That’s like £70 and hours of work, seriously? Stupid thing is I’ve gone and promised my sister one too 😂 

Anyway popped into Blacksheep wools today on my way back from Solihull, and asked the lovely lady in there if there was any kind of alternative to DMC Natura, there’s a few but I am a stickler for doing things by the book, anyway, even with a cheaper cotton it’s still going to work out at least £50

Anyway, enough moaning! I gave myself a break from mums sirdar top today and had a little bash at The Little Box of Crochet this months box is a nice hook roll holder, using some pretty scrummy Aaron/cotton yarn by Three bears yarn I love it!  It’s a real sturdy, hearty yarn, I’m going to order some more as I’d like to make a nice beach bag (another project on the list!) and Three bears yarn is absolutely perfect for that sort of project, I wasn’t too sure about the colours when I saw the pattern in this months box, not really my cup of tea, but now that I’ve started its really nice!

I’ll post some better pics when it’s done properly, I’m quite liking the spike stitch too!

Anyway if anyone spots any nice offers on a 4 ply cotton 100g ball weight please let me know! I really begrudge forking out all that money #skinflint!

Happy Hooking X 

2 thoughts on “How much?!

  1. nono says:

    Hahaha… I totally understand! I think that’s one of the reasons I am keeping away from big projects (the other one is luck of patience) 😉


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