Summer list – in 7 weeks?! 

I’m so pleased with my sirdar summer top (so far) it’s my first ever piece of clothing I’ve made, and it’s the first item I’ve ever made for myself, I want to make more! So I’ve been on the hunt for patterns that I can make in cool cotton yarns so they can be worn during our Florida holiday which is in literally 7 weeks time! Here’s a few I’ve found:

Now I don’t really like the Colours there’s a few too many for me, but I’m thinking corals and whites? This pattern is from sue pinned granny square book, only problem is the pattern only goes to a size 10 UK size! So looks like I’ll be making this one for my daughter!

I love this one! The perfect beach cover up, again I’m not keen on the colours and again I think I’d be using coral and white or single colours of coral, white, black, hot pink, lovely Isn’t it!

I really like this one, but I think I’d have to change the yarn they recommend, to a pure cotton, I don’t want to be getting too hot!

Now this is lovely! I need to make this although I’ve not got the pattern for it yet, so might be further down the list, coral again?! 

This is definitely on the list, I like the colour, yarn looks as though it could be a little warm, could look good with white linen shorts

I like this, but I’m a little tired of doing the top half of the pattern on this as this is what my sirdar summer top mostly consists of, I’d have to use a different colour too, but it’s an option

This one is really nice, it looks as though there’s a lot of work that will need to go into it but the end result would be well worth it, and I’m thinking a nice white.

Again I’m newish to crochet (less than 12th months!) and blogging about crochet, I don’t get paid by anyone for posting, I’m not linked to any company I post about, I’m just passionate about crochet and I just like sharing my ideas and work.  Happy Hooking! X

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