The wee house of crochet first ever blog!

Work done, tea done, feet up and crochet out!  I’ve got exactly 7 weeks and 5 days until my holiday to Florida.  Normal my crochet is always for everyone else, so this my first item just for me! And it’s sirdar sunny sweater, the pattern shows it in sundance 507, but I’m using a more of a biscuit/gold Colorado, in paton dk 100% cotton and it is Devine to crochet with, so easy to see your stitches and feels so expensive! I’ve completed one half just on the second, then I’ve to start on one for my mum in pure white, isn’t it gorgeous! The Paton DK is really light and not heavy, so I’m hoping it will feel good to wear one evening in Florida.  I’m also going to alter the pattern slightly and go for 3/4 length sleeves.

I’m also really excited I’m waiting on June’s little box of crochet by Amanda bloom, it looks lovely!   If you’ve not tried a box from amanda I’d highly recommend getting one, as you know I’m still a baby when it comes to crochet, but last months little box of crochet was a washer, a rather beautiful washer, the technique used was tapestry crochet, it was the first time use tried it and I loved it, have a nosey at some of the boxes you won’t be dissapointed In fact there’s a picture below of my wash cloth 


Isn’t it just gorgeous!! Also Amanda kindly included some lovely soap, so every time I worked on my washer all I could smell was the soap….delish!  So if you really fancy treating yourself make your way over to Little Box of Crochet

Anyway, I’m rather desperate to get on to my next project over and out X 


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